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The Great Characteristics of Anana Salt

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Anana Salt is renowned for its exceptional characteristics that set it apart from other salts. Vantador have been using Añana Salt since day one (since 2017), but this year, we have decided to take it a step further and switch to exclusively using only Añana salt on ALL our steaks and culinary creations. are some of the outstanding attributes of Anana Salt that make it the perfect choice to enhance the gastronomy experience:

#1: Spring Salt

Anana Salt is derived from natural spring sources, giving it a unique and distinctive flavor profile. The journey of the spring water through the salt valley imparts a subtle complexity to the salt, enhancing its overall taste and making it an ideal choice for enhancing the flavors of various dishes. This natural spring salt effortlessly elevates the gastronomy experience to new heights.

#2: Clean, Pure

Anana salt is renowned for its purity and cleanliness due to its origin as spring salt derived from underground sources. What sets it apart is the specially designed extraction plant, which is constructed solely from wood, ensuring that the salt remains uncontaminated by any metals. This unique production process guarantees that Anana salt is the cleanest form available, entirely free from any trace of metal or microplastic particles.

3: From the World's Oldest Salt Valley

Anana Salt originates from the world's oldest salt valley, a testament to its historical significance and the meticulous care taken in its production. In recognition of its cultural and historical significance, It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1990 and registered on UNESCO's World Herltage Tentative List In 1998. Our choice to use Anana salt at VANTADOR goes beyond Its flavor and quality. We saw an opportunity to not only support a superior product but also to contribute to educate our consumers about the Importance of preserving and supporting the Salt Valley of Salinas de Añana.

#4: Unique Crystal Structure

The crystal structure of Anana salt sets it apart from other salts. While many salts have a compact and uniform crystal structure, Anana salt's crystals are irregular and have a larger surface area. This unique structure allows Anana salt to dissolve more quickly and evenly, enhancing its ability to infuse flavors in culinary applications. The larger surface area also contributes to a more pronounced taste sensation on the tongue, making it a favorite among chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Ultimately, the crystal structure of Anana salt provides a delightful and enhanced taste experience compared to other salts.

#5: Unique Salt Stalactite Formation

Anana salt stalactites are formed through a natural process of crystallization. As the saltwater solution is left to evaporate, the salt ions in the water begin to come together and form crystal structures. Over time, these crystals grow downwards, creating the stalactite-like formations. The slow evaporation process allows for the unique and delicate stalactites to develop, adding to the visual appeal of Anana salt. These elongated and delicate salt formations not only add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the dining experience, but they also serve as a conversation starter at the table. The sight of these beautiful and intricate stalactites can truly elevate the ambiance of any meal, making dining with Anana salt a visually captivating experience.

#6: Premium Rarity

Anana Salt stalactites are incredibly rare and valuable, making them almost like collector's items. The intricate formation of the salt stalactites takes years to develop, under specific natural conditions, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product that adds a touch of exclusivity to any culinary experience. The limited availability and high demand for Anana Salt further highlight its exceptional nature.

#7: Sustainable Sourcing

In addition to its remarkable characteristics, Anana Salt is sourced through sustainable practices. The salt mine from which the salt is extracted follows strict environmental regulations to minimize its impact on the surrounding ecosystem. By choosing Anana Salt, VANTADOR not only enhances the gastronomy experience but also supports a sustainable and responsible approach to sourcing ingredients.

In conclusion, Anana Salt encompasses a range of outstanding characteristics that make it truly extraordinary. By choosing Anana Salt, VANTADOR ensures that every bite of its premium steaks is elevated to a whole new level, creating a gastronomic experience that delights all the senses. The combination of its great characteristics, along with the commitment to sustainability and cultural preservation, makes Anana Salt the perfect partner for VANTADOR in its quest for excellence in dining.


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