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Vantador’s Antique Item : Japan’s Diving Helmet

Updated: Feb 24

To recap, some of the reasons why people collect antiques are because for some, it holds sentimental values or it's passed down from family generation. On the other hand, many people buy antiques because they love restoring antique pieces and selling them off. Plus, antique items makes such a pretty decoration and create the heartbeat in that particular room, especially, if there is a history sentiments behind an item. You can read more on why we enjoy collecting them here:

The antiques located in our establishment are each sought after by the owner in their travelling time. Truly having each one of these collections here makes the ambience to be filled with historical arts, exquisite settings with a vintage twist. In today's edition of Vantador's Antique Item, this time we're starting it off with an item which you can find right beside the bar lounge area at the first floor.

One of the many historical pieces that you can spot is this antique Japan diving helmet apparatus. This piece of diving history is made as early as the first half of the 20th century and was commonly used as an equipment by the Japanese to collect pearls as a way of living. Direct from Tokyo, Japan is where this classic helmet is made by the TOA Diving Apparatus Company. During World War II, the Imperial Navy took over the company and in order to survive the war, the company produced more of these helmets where diving is an integral part of its culture and economy for a country.

The helmet is complete with all its glass, 12 wing nuts, 4 brails, exhaust valve, air fitting, and internal air vents. The square shaped breastplate made it easier for the diver to bend forward and pick things up from the sea floor. Although now you may see lots of these helmet as a collector’s item, it still is highly regarded as one of Vantador’s best displays.

Of course, don't forget to have our juicy and tender dry aged steaks when you visit us!



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